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Our Process

You’ve chosen to become a WealthWise client and wonder what comes next. 
Let's get started.

Our successful clients appreciate the time taken to help them build, manage, and protect the wealth they’ve worked hard to accumulate and ultimately enjoy. 

1.Initial consultation: This very important first step is your opportunity to share with us your goals, your hopes, your questions, and your concerns.  It’s a time for us to learn about you, your family, what’s important to you and understanding your finances.  We meet you where you are and then plan from there to get you where you want to be. 

 2: Analysis and recommendation: In this phase your advisory team works together to review all the income, assets, and tax information you’ve provided.  We consider your goals and wants and how your earnings and savings can move you closer to your goals.  We can then make recommendations about your investments, budget, how to tackle debt you may have and what steps need to be taken to achieve what you define as financial success.  All of this is done with a focus on minimizing income taxes now and in the future.  This often involves additional meetings or calls to further refine and clarify what we believe is a sound course of action.   

 3. Implementation: Once we agree on a course of action, we’ll help you prioritize the steps or actions that need to be taken and implement those that are most important first.  Over time we’ll continue to act on any additional parts to your plan.  This can involve the transfer of assets or reallocation of funds already invested, adjusting how much is saved in work retirement accounts and savings or even the use of additional funds to pay down debt if needed.  Recommendations may include the need for a will, power of attorney or other legal documents to be put in place or updated.  We firmly believe that your ability to earn money and your savings need to be protected from the many risks that exist.  There may be recommendations for life or disability income insurance to address risks to your financial plan.  As clients age, we’ll consider long-term care insurance solutions to further protect savings and their quality of life. 

 4. Ongoing monitoring: Your advisory team will continue to monitor your accounts and insurance relative to your financial plan and goals.  We’ll have regular meetings to check progress against your plan and adjust as needed.  Our best clients take comfort in knowing that while they are living their life, focusing on their family and work or retirement activities, we are here to make sure things stay on track while avoiding costly financial mistakes.  There will often be job changes, swings in the market and other unexpected things that pop up from time to time, many of which are out of your control.  We’ll help you manage the impact that any of these will have on your financial future. 

Let a WealthWise advisor help you achieve your financial goals; improve the confidence you have in your financial future and help improve your overall financial well-being.

We understand that no one strategy fits everyone.  We never lose sight of the fact that your goals, hopes, and concerns are specific to you.   We will work to move you closer to your goals as efficiently as possible considering your risk tolerance, ability to save and the impact income taxes will have on your finances. 

We realize that life won’t always go as planned and that even the best laid plans can’t account for everything.  And when the unwanted or unexpected does happen, we are only a phone call away, here to work with you through whatever obstacle arises. 

Welcome to the WealthWise way of financial planning.  We look forward to our future with you!

Registered Representatives of Equity Services, Inc. do not offer tax or legal advice. For advice concerning your own situation, please consult with your appropriate professional advisor.